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  • Language theory and design, Cloud computing, Grid computing, Mobile application and Distributed computing
  • Software architecture and development in Scala, Java, Python, Javascript, Haskell, Objective-C, C, C++ and OCaml.

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Language dedicated to Model/View/Control web application design

  • Keywords: FP, MVC, Web Embedded Language.
  • Domains: Type Checker, Compilation

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REST layer dedicated to Python web frameworks.

  • Keywords: REST
  • Domains: JAX_RS Like, Specification.

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Scala Java Python

DSL for client side rest service specification.

  • Keywords: REST, Client API.
  • Domains: Specification, Transpiler, Langage library

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Java Python

Library dedicated to pattern matching.

  • Keywords: Pattern matching.
  • Domains: Structural object manipulation, Generic lexer.

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Clump language


An object oriented language based on behaviors and representation separation.

  • Keywords: Object and Class separation and Strong typing
  • Domains: Language semantic, Type checking, Compiler

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Contrail network

Java Javascript

A framework dedicated to connected streams and cooperative ecosystems

  • Keywords: Stream pipelines, transducers and routers
  • Domains: Networking, Collaboration and Data Processing

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An OCaml extension to XML pattern matching

  • Keywords: Stream and Pattern matching.
  • Domains: Tree based structures like XML.

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Java BSF (BeanShell, Ruby, Python, Javascript etc.)

An open document processing framework

  • Keywords: Stream, Automata and Transducers.
  • Domains: XML, unstructured text.

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