DTD to Schema transducer

download    Version 1.1 - Improved version

In this section we propose a complete solution providing DTD transformation to XML Schema. For this purpose this tool is split in two distinct parts. The front-end which builds an abstract syntactic view of DTDs and the second one the back-end which propose an XML Schema traduction. In fact the backend has also been designed for RELAX-NG generation and unfolded Document Type Definition (DTD).

Transcuder Architecture

The implementation provides a complete XSP process which analyze a DTD building at the same time the abstract syntactic tree which is denoted by a set of element. These elements have a name, a content type and attribute types.

Current limitations

The current version provides a DTD translation mechanism to XML schema and RELAX-NG. Unfortunately these formalisms don't provide same expressivity degree. For instance ENTITIES used for character definition requires denotation using element implying a transformation of all XML fragments. For more information see how W3C shows how such entity are specified and used in the XML Schema [Using Entities in XML Shema]. This approach was also the same for RELAX-NG definitions.